first DIY site suggestions

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06-02-2006 14:16:34

i'm looking for any site with anything like a 1000 giftcards or plasma
but whats the one with the easiest offers (no OOD)
i dont care how long it takes once it will come
thanks guys for your suggestions


06-02-2006 14:23:31

I'd go with everyfreegift's plasma. Check out the stickies to see what other prizes are available and their offer amounts.


06-02-2006 14:23:49

Don't care about time and don't want OOD - do YFDirect. Start here[=http//]here.


06-02-2006 15:45:02

how long does it take to get the 1000 giftcards from everyfreegift?


06-02-2006 15:46:06

about 3-5 months. For more information read the YFD threads