Um. Recieved credit on CIP and Southbeach didnt charge!!!!

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06-02-2006 10:00:56

So sorry bought this specific thread but I finished Consumerincentive for the $500 gift card and got credit for Southbeach on Thursday nite and sent in my voucher today yet southbeach has still yet to charge me and they cant find me in thier system anywhere?? Am I clear?? Is Nuitech going to bother me? I used my debit card which has mastercard symbol on it and it an be used like a credit.

Just wondering b/c i dont want to have to send my gc back (which i wouldnt).


06-02-2006 12:00:05

They wouldnt ship or even credit you unless the advertiser reported to them that you completed it. Even if you didn't, in their eyes you did.


06-02-2006 12:02:51

Yea they cant find me in their system anywhere. Wierd. They say you cant use debit cards but i used a debit/CC. Can be used either way and everything showed up as complete. So Im covered I guess and might be in the clear for the charge?


06-02-2006 19:15:19

Something like this happened on the iBook IRC site I did. I did 2 offers on Page 1, 3 offers on Page 2 because one of the initial two wasn't crediting fast, and 1 on Page 3. Before I got to do my final offer on Page 3, the 3rd offer from Page 2 must have carried over to Page 3 so I totally avoided a major OOD such as a credit card since I only had EarthLink Highspeed, Dial-Up which I did, Direct-TV, and Southbeach nor Work from Home was present..pretty lucky. Enjoy it!