Marketsurveygroup problems...anyone else having this too?

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04-02-2006 14:04:38

HTTP Status 500 - An email address is required..

I keep getting that error when I try to go to the second page of offers for my plasma..... x

EDIT Weird...I have to manually put in my email address in the url to get to the second and third page of offers...which was never the case before. ?


04-02-2006 14:25:12

This happens for me if I saved the offers page as a bookmark, and went back to it later. Does this happen when you sign up and view the offers?


04-02-2006 14:53:06

im having the same problem as you. Weird.


04-02-2006 15:02:41

It is because the session time expired. You have to do the offers right when you sign up, or sign up again later to view the offers again...


04-02-2006 15:05:00

Well, that hasnt stopped me before...It just started happening.

I guess I'll have to keep manually putting my email in the url bar just incase they raise the refs soon...which I think might happen.


04-02-2006 16:17:31

Why couldn't this go into the MSG thread?

BTW if you had http//
bookmarked you were just looking at a cached page, not a real update...


04-02-2006 16:18:22

This has been answered before. You prolly bookmarked a page that didnt have your email in the url. Just add it. I.E. &email=myemail