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04-02-2006 12:24:33

I just finished all my offers for IRC's iBook. I was locked in at 6 so I only had to do 6 instead of 15. For my 3rd page I signed up for Southbeach. I was immediately charged $65, which is normal. I was then trying to find a policy where I could look, since I didn't receive an e-mail, for how long the trial lasts before I start being charged without the possibility of being refunded. The site is sort of messed up, it won't let me open the policy or terms on condition. I finally figured out how, by going to their affiliate link and then clicking on the terms and policy where I think it is the same thing. I was reading and I saw that is said they weren't accepting debit card payments at the time and only credit card payments. I paid with my debit card but it has a Visa logo on it and it usually works just fine. I still got charged and it is processing in my bank statement right now since I just signed up for it today. I was just wondering if anyone else used their debit cards and did they experience any problems as far as crediting and dealing with customer support. Any feedback would be great. Thanks.