1-801 for Gadget City

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04-02-2006 10:25:37

I've searched the forums but failed to find the answer for this question.

What is 1-801 number exactly? Is it toll-free like 1-800 or do we have to pay for long distance, etc?


04-02-2006 10:52:04


Every 800 number is toll-free. If the number has an 8 starting in it, then you'll have your answer.


04-02-2006 11:23:21


Every 800 number is toll-free. If the number has an 8 starting in it, then you'll have your answer.[/quotebd56d09736]

If you are imply 801 is toll-free you are wrong. Its called Google, please learn to use it...
801 UT Salt Lake City Metro

801 is the area code for SLC, UT. So unless you are in 801 area code you are paying long distance...

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

04-02-2006 11:43:43

I get free long distance.. Soo i dont care


04-02-2006 11:43:56

I was implying that [if96f61d616]800[/if96f61d616] numbers specifically when they are 800 are toll free.

If it's not an 8 followed directly by two 0's, then you're paying long distance.

Google. Uhhh...Whats that roll


04-02-2006 12:04:48

If you don't have long distance and don't feel like paying ask someone that has free long distance to call for you.. (I have free long distance)

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

04-02-2006 12:05:51

ya i do too. But what do you need it for to cancel a offer or something? If soo then you will have to give your person information out...


05-02-2006 18:37:22

It would be sweet if anyone can.

Or maybe someone may know the answer.

I wanted to find out if I can have the item shipped to different address than the one I first signed up with. I wanted to send it to a special person's home for a very special surprise. )


05-02-2006 21:46:13

Yes I know that you can. When you print out the redemption form it should be on there I believe.


07-02-2006 06:51:27

ive been approved for 4 days

sent in 2 support requests to them

ive clicked the "Approved" link

i still havent gotten an email X