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03-02-2006 06:34:34

The minimum gift(s) per household is now five! That's right, five! Earlier today I had called because I finished my clever scooter on their site. I also had already received an iBook from them. I had my grandfather do offers for the clever scooter using my credit card and his information, trying to avoid the more than one household dispute. I came to a problem in the sense that the clever scooter was being shipped out because it was in stock. Sooo...upon acting on the notion I would get a check, I waqs forced to change my plans. How was I to move a 100lb scooter from a town over to my house? Well, I called them posing as my grandftaher just trying to figure out if I could get it shipped to my address instead even though I had already received a gift. I didn't want that info to interfere and DQ me. The woman put me on hold and after about five (5) minutes, she came back and said it took her long to find the requirements and disclaimers because they had updated the site and upped the amount of gifts a household can receive. Now, she may be lying and I may get screwed over...but I'm taking her word for it. Booyah for it do it yourself!


03-02-2006 06:44:12

Hmm, I don't see this in their terms, but maybe because I looked on one of their other sites and not IRC?


03-02-2006 07:12:53

The only thing I could find is

[quotef78f827ae7]How many free gifts can I get?

There is a limit of one gift per person.[/quotef78f827ae7]

on IRC. But if this means multiple per household, I'm sur eits still one epr person. So get over 500 and they'll come knocking for that SSN


03-02-2006 08:35:12

[quote96278f520f="v0h"]The minimum gift(s) per household is now five![/quote96278f520f]
I'm confused as hell about this... is that per site or just on each site?


03-02-2006 11:03:18



03-02-2006 12:06:22

I thought you were already only allowed to do 1 site per house. Does this mean you are only allowed to do 5 Nuitech sites total per address?


03-02-2006 12:18:39

I don't see this in the terms...


03-02-2006 12:31:06

I think it means like, you can only receive 1 IPOD, 1 CLEVER SCOOTER, 1 RAZR CELL, get the catch. I'm taking her word for it.


03-02-2006 12:46:25

One prize per person per household, regardless of what site it comes from?

Someone else needs to verify this.


03-02-2006 12:47:54

Yeah this makes no sense. Someone explain WTF this means...


03-02-2006 12:50:11

[quote0144c0f37c="v0h"]The minimum gift(s) per household is now five![/quote0144c0f37c]

Where is everyone getting into the talk about one??? he said a [b0144c0f37c]minimum[/b0144c0f37c] of 5 gifts per household... does he mean Max, per each site, total from all sites combigned???

I am very very confused...


03-02-2006 12:51:50

This whole thread makes no fucking sense...


03-02-2006 12:53:58

[quote48032116cf="Wolfeman"]This whole thread makes no fucking sense...[/quote48032116cf]



03-02-2006 13:00:33

maybe ill confirm when i call for some manual credits


03-02-2006 15:27:20

I remember calling and asking if my sister could complete the exact same site I did. The lady on the phone said it was ok as long as she used a seperate email address.... shock