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31-01-2006 14:41:25

Before you flame me for "not posting in the right thread", read this whole post.

I've got an account at a few different NuiTech sites, like TheUseful (already done/received), ConsumerIncentivePromotions (already done/received), and YourSmartRewards (working on now).

I went to to check my crediting status a few minutes ago and after entering my e-mail it says there has been a shipping request issued for my Mac Mini, which doesn't make sense, because I'm going for a $300 MasterCard giftcard.

What the hell is the matter?


31-01-2006 14:43:58

Call em.


31-01-2006 14:53:53

Why not just get the more expensive product?


31-01-2006 15:00:14

I'm seeing my IncentiveRewardCenter product on YourSmartRewards as well. Looks like they combined the two sites.


31-01-2006 15:01:51

Mine is the same, they all say iBook. I did the iBook for IRC last month and now I have productopinionpanel consumsumerincentivepromotions and theuseful all going. I guess 3 more iBooks would be nice, but I think its just a system problem.


31-01-2006 15:03:12

I just got the Mac Mini yesterday...if they send me another one I won't say anything but if I don't get anything I wil be pissed.


31-01-2006 15:09:12

Which site did you get the minimac from? They won't send you another one, they just combined the databases.


31-01-2006 15:14:37


WTF does that mean I won't be getting my $300 MasterCard that I've done 4/6 offers for?


31-01-2006 15:17:00

Its happening for everyone. I think they are working on their DBs. This happened once before...


31-01-2006 15:19:51


Two outta 4 of my accounts suddenly disappear?!


31-01-2006 15:22:07

Same thing happened to me too...


31-01-2006 15:23:37

[quotea980764e97="ajrock2000"]Same thing happened to me too...[/quotea980764e97]

Yours also disappear?


31-01-2006 15:23:53

Someone call but I'm not worried. It'll be back soon...


31-01-2006 15:25:20

[quotead8c784aca="CoMpFrEaK"][quotead8c784aca="ajrock2000"]Same thing happened to me too...[/quotead8c784aca]

Yours also disappear?[/quotead8c784aca]

My status page for the iBook does not come up. It shows that I completed the requirements for a totally different gift. lol. I ain't worried about it either. Yfdirect has done some fruity stuff like this before also..


31-01-2006 15:26:19

We are not able to find the following email address in our database at Theuseful.

Did you sign up under a different email address?

If you feel that you may have used another address when registering, please return to our redemption page and enter the address originally used to register in order to view your current gift status.

If you do not remember the address that you originally used to register with us but have received one of our newsletters, you'll find the valid email address in the "To" address line in that email.

If you cannot identify the email address originally used to register with us, and would like to qualify for free gifts, you can begin the process at

Thing its been STV for around a week ?


31-01-2006 15:29:53

O well, its a good sign that it is happening to more people than just will come back.


31-01-2006 15:30:40

[quoteca9f9d9167="ajrock2000"]O well, its a good sign that it is happening to more people than just will come back.[/quoteca9f9d9167]

You get the same messege?


31-01-2006 15:33:24

No. When I login it says that I have fulfulled my requirements for a $50 gift card, when it should say my status for the iBook...


31-01-2006 16:54:09


I was going to start the ConsumerIncentivePromotions tonight for the $500 GC. When i go there and log it it says your $50gc has shipped. THAT WAS FROM THEUSEFUL!

I cant even get to the useful site. Are they combining or is there system fucked up


31-01-2006 18:43:59


accounts back online, now i have 4 accounts saying i have 500 gcs being


31-01-2006 18:44:19

Probably just combining or something is messed up, it's definitely not permanent.


31-01-2006 18:47:50

they must be updating their system and combining them all so if you are doing multiple sites you can check them all at once. I am not really worried yet, since I am showing the wrong gift and none of my offers at all are showing up, if it is still like this tomorrow then I might start to worry. I scrapped my knuckles and spent over $100 to get those 15 offers done so I am making sure I get my iBook.


31-01-2006 18:52:49


accounts back online, now i have 4 accounts saying i have 500 gcs being[/quotec2d3ac93d1]

lol, not back online. Now you are just like everyone elses account right now. They are all showing $50 GC crap. ?


31-01-2006 18:54:17

Mine all show iBooks...


31-01-2006 18:55:32

Oh, well, they are still screwed up. oops P


31-01-2006 18:56:20

They might not be fixed until the morning since its already 10PM EST.


31-01-2006 18:57:16


accounts back online, now i have 4 accounts saying i have 500 gcs being[/quote891aaac568]

lol, not back online. Now you are just like everyone elses account right now. They are all showing $50 GC crap. ?[/quote891aaac568]

Mines showing 500, not 50


31-01-2006 20:29:25

Mine are all showing Mac Mini, which is the last gift I got shipped from them.


31-01-2006 21:10:01

I suggest someone calls.


31-01-2006 21:12:34

They are closed 7 hours ago. I bet its fixed in the morning...


31-01-2006 21:30:35

[quote0c383b552d="ilanbg"]I suggest someone calls.[/quote0c383b552d]

http//[" alt=""/img0c383b552d]


31-01-2006 23:02:50

Works fine for me on IRC for the iBook. I still don't have credit for one offer though. (


01-02-2006 03:25:56

I called yesterday at like 600 pm and they said it was an error with their systems that was affecting everyone. They said to not do any offers until it was fixed. For mine it said I needed one more for an Xbox 360 and one more for the clever scooter which I really am doing. Lol, then I asked to see if they had shipped any 360's they said no so it would not make sense to plead with them that my gift was for the 360 over an 800$ scooter for less offers...still...6 offers for $800 or 8 offers for $400...pretty stupid.


01-02-2006 03:41:41

My $50 gift card just changed to an iBook. I personally don't mind the change. wink


01-02-2006 11:35:29

Mine all say iBook too. Anyone else know whats up?


01-02-2006 12:17:11

I just explained it. Read please.


01-02-2006 12:20:22

[quoted06c862ceb="Rufio"]I just explained it. Read please.[/quoted06c862ceb]


The site still works fine for me. Still says I'm 5/6 for the iBook. shrug


01-02-2006 12:22:02

CIP and Useful both say $50 shipped which was from my useful order


01-02-2006 12:28:48

Mine still all say Mac Mini -\


01-02-2006 13:12:09

I just called to ask them WTF about my 1099 and a message said they are closed for scheduled maintenance shock oops roll


01-02-2006 14:07:17



01-02-2006 14:49:31

[quote0f4943a533]We are currently performing routine system maintenance. During this time you will not be able to access your gift information. Please visit at a later time, we apologize for this inconvenience.

Thank you[/quote0f4943a533]


01-02-2006 15:38:27

Blah, I was trying to my last few offers for a $300 MasterCard giftcard done because even the page 1 and 2 offers are starting to get difficult.


01-02-2006 22:26:58

I called and they said they were adding new offers and lowering a few requirements....

Kidding, but it'd be nice right?.... i sure am glad they don't have - Karma anymore... hehe D

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

02-02-2006 05:21:54

I cant access my account eaither.. Hopefully they will be fix today sometime.


02-02-2006 12:27:25

The sites are starting to come back up. You can't login yet but all the offers are coming back on the offer page. They'll be back soon hopefully...


02-02-2006 12:48:58

[quotee1b03f8679="Wolfeman"]The sites are starting to come back up. You can't login yet but all the offers are coming back on the offer page. They'll be back soon hopefully...[/quotee1b03f8679]

They are back up and running...


02-02-2006 13:41:16

Darn, no second iBook then. wink


02-02-2006 13:42:51

Cool. I just went and started on computer-offer's 1k gift card. Did 8/10 offers. I probably shouldve jus gone for the 2k card for 18 offers but eh well