EveryFreeGift problem...

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31-01-2006 10:46:50

So I signed up for the sites that interest me on everyfreegift.com...and I did the url trick that lets me create a password for my account. Although, when I check the account, the Gift Status page does not show any of the sites I have signed up for.

Is this normal?


31-01-2006 10:49:15

No this is not normal and you sound screwed at the moment.

Let someone else confirm this before you call them


31-01-2006 10:57:02

Okay...I appreciate the help guys.


31-01-2006 11:14:30

Dude, im thinking it's all of everyfreegift sites.....Bigwin doesnt show anything for me either. Wtf ?


31-01-2006 12:20:14



31-01-2006 12:22:43

It's working now...I clicked on some offer links and it NOW shows the gift I signed up for dance

So...anyone actually have their plasma yet or ibook from everyfreegift or marketsurveygroup P


31-01-2006 12:56:08

LMASO are u kidding me.. u meant the GIFT and not the offer.. lismacks foreheadli


31-01-2006 13:08:27

I dont see whats so hard to understand. It didnt show the gift OR the offers I did on the status page.


31-01-2006 13:44:19

[quote7231b30b67="chazmann"]It's working now...I clicked on some offer links and it NOW shows the gift I signed up for[/quote7231b30b67]

You made it seem like the offers you completed didnt show up in the IMs you sent me. If you jsut meant that the gift wasn't showing, I wouldve told u to shut up and chill until you did offers lol.

In any case, theres plenty info here on the boards.. read.. search.. read summore