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30-01-2006 15:27:29

Not sure if this belongs here or the help section.

I signed up to get a $1000 Ikea gift card. I did one offer, and logged off planning to do the rest later. Now I don't know how to log back in.

I went to and tried to get them to send me the confirmation e-mail with a password/ let me create one, but i never get the email. I even contacted them which let me email them with their script. No replies for a while. This ever happen to anyone? Or any ideas how to log in?


30-01-2006 15:35:06

Timmy, these questions are answered in so many threads... Let me help you out

heres how...[=http//]heres how...


30-01-2006 15:50:31

Yeah or ask in the thread dedicated to BigWin...


30-01-2006 17:15:21

Well, I know how to get my password set up, but I can't figure out how to log into the offers page and finish the other offers. I did search the forums for this advice... can't seem to find it.