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29-01-2006 22:43:09

I completed six offers for the sony plasma. Three of them are approved and three are still pending.

The ones pending are the entertainment book which i got. The blockbuster which i signed up for the month and earthlink which I signed up for a month too. blockbuster and earthlink I became a paying member for a month as requested.

Anyone know how long those three take? Its been awhile now. About two months now.


29-01-2006 23:06:49

You first off should have read before you started doing the site. Secondly, you could have saved money if you read first and third you should post in the correction section from now on.

Since im a nice guy and maybe my karma will go up, if its been 2 months call them and submit for manual credit!!

This will instanly turn them to approved. Also print out the approved vouchers asap so the links dont expire.


30-01-2006 11:52:54

[quote4122f8c468="ffactoryxx"]Secondly, you could have saved money if you read first[/quote4122f8c468]

How could he have saved money? By doing the "cheapest" offers which people suggest? You mean, by getting "walked-through" the site, which is against the TOS. You should know better.


30-01-2006 12:17:18

No Not like a walkthrough

I just suggest all newbs to the DIY section read everything before completing these sites.

I know better )


30-01-2006 12:23:12

i dont think YF has anything in their TOS about walkthroughs, or are you talking about this sites TOS?


30-01-2006 12:25:21

beats me. He got his answer so let this thread die


30-01-2006 19:59:08

Thanks for your help. I couldnt do some of the offers because I had done them with the trans company and didnt want to get flagged for repeat offers. Also I didnt do any credit card ones because they wouldnt approve.

Thanks ffactoryxx

Im happy anyway as a sony plasma is a lot for what I paid.