link for the 52 inch DLP LCD HDTV

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29-01-2006 11:13:34

Man I have checked the DIY posts for the link to that site and can't find it

could someone re post it or link me to it

+karma for the help


29-01-2006 11:20:48

I think you have to find 2 people that can do 10 offers each for this one.


29-01-2006 11:30:11 its 20 offers total?

that doesn't seem right

when i checked out the site the first time i don't remember seeing anything like that

anyway the post had a picture of the three TV's you can choose from and the link

anyone know where this post is?


29-01-2006 11:53:03


29-01-2006 14:42:20

nevermind i found it, I am a retard