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28-01-2006 19:13:14

What are the requirements for this offer? Do you just have to order/have it installed. How much do you have to pay total?

I would actually be interested in this offer because im using the money i get to buy a HD TV for my room and want HDTV stations (assuming its not expensive)


28-01-2006 19:22:19

uh....the first three month arn't that bad but then after that the prices go through the roof...half the time it's not worth keeping past the three month trial...or else just downgrade to a lower membership status.

i've never done this as an offer, but we got this a while back...three months real cheap...then we switched and got three months satalite tv real cheap...and now we just have "basic" channels through the satalite

i'ts more expensive than regular cable...but you get a lot more channels and the satalite radio through your tv makes for a great sound system!


30-01-2006 20:29:33

I couldnt find this on the site, when you sign up do you pay on a month by month basis or is it a 1 year (or any amount of time i guess) contract?


31-01-2006 09:00:04

i dunno..i'll have to ask my dad about that one...heheh oops

i'm guessing you could do either...depending on what you're signing up for