(32" HD Sony LCD)

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27-01-2006 08:19:23

Hmm, got this one in my email, I'm not sure if we've heard of it. You have to do 6 offers. It says allow 60 days wait for credit for each offer so who knows how long that really is. Is it a mandatory 60 day wait or whenever we get credit. It has some pretty good offers too.


That's a The Sony BRAVIAŽ 32" Widescreen HD-Ready Flat-Panel LCD TV!


27-01-2006 08:22:43

i just emailed them about crediting times


27-01-2006 08:38:50

i looked at it...

god i hate it when the third page is filled w/ crap offers...


27-01-2006 08:49:38

not even close to being worth it....


27-01-2006 09:11:11

Is the last page ONLY CC offers? For a 6 offer site for a Sony 32" HD LCD to [b76d0d24865]not[/b76d0d24865] be worth, I figure it'd have to be.


27-01-2006 09:15:25

does anybody even know if this company is legit? ?


29-01-2006 16:51:11

Offer list?


29-01-2006 20:55:23

Here are the page 3 offers, you have to do 2 of them

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Free installation with mail-in rebate!
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Local channels in most areas!
Up to 4 rooms included!
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You do on offer on page 1, 3 on page 2, both have a lot of offers. Page 2 might be hard for me because I've done most of the offers. The only question is if its legit and how fast they credit. I'm not up for risking it


29-01-2006 21:12:42

South Beach is cheap from what I've heard.

But man, a 32" LCD Sony HD would be fucking sweet.


29-01-2006 21:28:45

[quote4ad4eb7095="tylerc"]South Beach is cheap from what I've heard.

But man, a 32" LCD Sony HD would be fucking sweet.[/quote4ad4eb7095]

for the same price range your better off with a projection or plasma tv, although you won't be paying anything so i guess it is better, heh.


29-01-2006 23:14:08

South Beach is 20 bucks, I don't know on the rest of those though. The Action Alerts may be the next best.


30-01-2006 11:50:27

It's the same company as FreeGiftWorld; I got San Andreas from them 2 years ago. It takes a while but it's legit.