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26-01-2006 15:40:37

Has anyone received theirs yet for the IRC iBook offer? Tuesday is the last day they have to get them out to us.


26-01-2006 15:51:27

I got one for 15$ haha. Maybe they claimed it as 100$ instead of 1000$


26-01-2006 16:34:55

that would be the shit.........


26-01-2006 16:44:59

What is it? I have no idea what you're referring to.


26-01-2006 17:23:25

Tuesday is the 31st (I'm assuming), which means it's the last day for reporting income or something like that.


26-01-2006 18:36:41

Nope, haven't gotten it yet.


27-01-2006 07:47:36

I havnt gotten mine yet.


27-01-2006 11:55:41

I haven't gotten any 1099-misc forms. Please update anyone if you do.


27-01-2006 13:21:44

i still didnt get mine


27-01-2006 14:35:09

I've been wondering, what happens if they don't get it to you by the 31st? I've been waiting on a W2 from a placed I worked at this summer and still haven't gotten it shock


27-01-2006 16:19:52

[quotefe06bbf31b="kevxross"]I've been wondering, what happens if they don't get it to you by the 31st? I've been waiting on a W2 from a placed I worked at this summer and still haven't gotten it shock[/quotefe06bbf31b]

Its a sticky situation. If they didn't send a 1099 most likely they didn't report it. If you don't get one by Feb 3rd or so I'd call the companies you were expecting one from and ask if they filed/sent one. If they say no, you're set. If they say yes, ask when it was sent out. Give it at least a week and a half to get to you. If not, call them back and ask for a replacement copy.

With W2s you are supposed to make your own if you cannot get one from your employer. 1099s are supposed to be given when the gift/payment is reported to the IRS. I'd say if they don't send one by the middle of Feb, and don't tell you anything about reporting your gift, pretend it never happened )

Note I am not licensed to give this information in any way; its just what I have gathered from research online. You should do your own research before you take any advice.


27-01-2006 16:26:42

scichter is correct. With the W2 you should get one and you should request one from your employer...


27-01-2006 18:20:49

wow... if NUItech doesnt send it to us we save 150 bucks.... shock
licrosses fingers


30-01-2006 09:20:24

I got mine in the mail today. There was the amount of $999 reported in Box 3 (other income). There are two copies, one for my records and the other says "Copy 2 To be filed with recipients state income tax return when required."

And then on the back it says if you have an amount in Box 3

"Generally, report this amount on the "Other Income" line of Form 1040 and identify the payment. The amount shown may be payments received as the beneficiary of a deceased employee, prizes, awards, taxable damages, Indian gaming profits, or other taxable income. See Pub. 525, Taxable and Nontaxable Income. If it is trade or business income, report this amount on Schedule C, C-EZ, or F (Form 1040)."


30-01-2006 21:41:11

yeah I got one today and so did the girlyfriend.


30-01-2006 21:42:42

Nada para mi.


31-01-2006 15:53:26

I got mine today and it said $1999. THATS BULLSHIT!!!


31-01-2006 15:57:14

Got mine today said 999


31-01-2006 16:22:31

I didnt get one at all shock



31-01-2006 16:22:59

It still might be coming...


31-01-2006 16:43:30

got mine today


31-01-2006 16:56:30

mine too


31-01-2006 16:57:58

I'm calling tomorrow to freak out because I'm not paying $2000 worth of taxes for a $1000 item...


31-01-2006 18:41:27

[quote4227fc7909="Wolfeman"]I'm calling tomorrow to freak out because I'm not paying $2000 worth of taxes for a $1000 item...[/quote4227fc7909]

lol, sucks man.. o


31-01-2006 19:06:03

I believe it's a mistake.. It can't be $2000 dollars if everyone else is getting $999. And Im new to this whole thing by the way how do they send you the form, and how much money do you have to pay in taxes for the EFG 42" Plasma?


31-01-2006 19:08:21

I know its a mistake but are they going to fix it, is the real question.

YFDirect you don't have to fill out a W9...


31-01-2006 19:08:40

you dont pay taxes for EFG gifts.....


01-02-2006 12:40:10

ugh.... i got mone today cry says $999
the bastards can send me a tax form but not my $75 and $500 giftcards


03-02-2006 11:52:57

uhm. i got two 1099's (for $999), but only one laptop. WTF?!


03-02-2006 12:51:10

i got one for 999


03-02-2006 12:52:53

They emailed me back today and said they are going to fix mine...


06-02-2006 08:51:19

Got mine on the 31st. it says 999


16-02-2006 16:34:17

Anyone have theirs still? I can't find mine and I need the full name of the company, as it is printed on the document. If memory serves, it's
[code1069f9ec456]GIFT REWARD CENTER, LLC[/code1069f9ec456] but I could be wrong. Anyone confirm?


16-02-2006 17:50:33

I believe so admin. Unfortunately my tax lady has mine so I can't verify


16-02-2006 21:08:08

I used turbo tax and they allow you to mark the difference if the value of the gift depreciated. Since I sold mine on ebay for 900 I took $100 off.