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26-01-2006 08:20:49

POLL AND post closed. apparently everything is exactly the same everywhere. )

appreciate the unnecessary sarcasm guys. hard to find that on the internet these days.


26-01-2006 08:49:08

Doesn't matter, exactly the same, both YFD both have same turnaround times both have everything exactly the same...


26-01-2006 09:00:00

turnaround times and offers and such are the same but i read random posts stating that one offers a better plasma than the other. (i think it was MSG that offered a better one..not sure)

any truth to this?


26-01-2006 09:03:08

no, its the same site, same plasma, same offers. I did both of them.


26-01-2006 09:32:14



26-01-2006 09:41:23

Same.. another useless thread...


26-01-2006 11:36:44

EFG or EFG or EFG for a plasma? I'm having trouble deciding...


26-01-2006 12:13:05

Hyperboarder made it seem that MSG has a more expensive plasma in about the fifth post down at this

thread[=http//] thread

[quote73a5f71a5c]MSG also has the Plasma from EFG (high dollar), http// Much higher dollar, same offer requirements, 6 offers. Enjoy. Oh, and yeah, do whatever offers you want, they don't care.[/quote73a5f71a5c]

He didn't seem to have anyone object to his comment.

So clearly there was a listed discrepency on these boards..but if the moderators want to skip that fact and call it useless..I am in no position to object.

Again, thanks for the unnecessary sarcasm guys.


26-01-2006 12:16:27

[quote6d2d14530d="Wolfeman"]EFG or EFG or EFG for a plasma? I'm having trouble deciding...[/quote6d2d14530d]

Ummmm.... that is a very hard decision...... i'm gonna have to say EFG...


26-01-2006 12:17:52

It was just looked over. Did he make a whole thread about it? Same company + same offer numbers + same offers = Much more expensinve plasma? Makes no sense...


26-01-2006 12:25:59

A lot of things don't exactly make the most sense with YFDirect. For example, their suggestive writing on their offers page that make it liseemli like you have to do x number of offers on page 1, y number of offers on page 2, etc. when clearly you don't....

or how on other forums people were told on the phone that they were being sent their prize (like a refridgerator) but in reality got a check of the price of the prize instead a few days later.

Hence the reason for repetitive posts on this forum.

So I see still see no reason why there can't be even more liinconsistenciesli than I just posted. between the sub-companies (MSG and EFG)..but again, I'm no pro. So I'll take your word for it but I won't accept the offensive sarcasm.

Thank you.


26-01-2006 12:28:52

It makes sense that people get checks instead of gifts because in their TOS it states that they'll send checks if the gift is out of stock. You are supposed to do the offers on the right pages but they don't track it so its impossible for them to tell. Its not really you that we are frutrated with its just you are the 100th person to start a thread that doesn't need to be started...


26-01-2006 12:34:54

Point is, you couldve posted it the other thread. Not to mention theres a lot of threads RE the plasmas here already.