Question on Rewards Venue

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25-01-2006 19:21:56

To anyone who has done Zone Diet or AOL Broadband on Rewards Venue, how long did it take for those offers to credit ? Or did you have to have them manually credited.

Thanks much


25-01-2006 19:36:34

Oh and I've already done the offers, just wondering how long it's taking for credit.


25-01-2006 20:16:08

Isn't there an RV thread??? i remeber it beign very large... post there, but this also sounds like a walk through even though you've already done them...


25-01-2006 20:29:23

All I found was an RV brag thread, I guess I didn't see this being a walkthrough since I've already done the offer, just wondering what the estimate is for credit..


25-01-2006 20:31:21

Sorry sweed ;)


25-01-2006 20:44:28

Found out on another website, you can lock this if you want mods