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25-01-2006 14:35:52

I saw this offer on an NuiTech site, only costs $1.95 for shipping.

They charge $99.95 after 14 days.

I'll let people know how this credits, this may be a good deal.

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

25-01-2006 14:45:07

geez $99.95 after 14 days alot of money.. Soo you just buy it for 1.99 and keep it or do you have to send something back? But i would make sure i cancel it like on the 12th day because i would not want to be charged 100.00


25-01-2006 14:48:24

checko stix makes me laughhhhh lol lol


25-01-2006 15:03:17

Do we really need a new thread for every offer?


25-01-2006 15:26:36

is it just me or is this a walk through??? seems kinda like a walk through to me, but i may be dreaming???