Questions about the various offer signups

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25-01-2006 10:49:36

Looking over the offers available for YFDirect sites, there are several offers I have questions about.

[b272655b011]The various Scholastic book club offers[/b272655b011]

The popup states that you must become a member. So...

A. Does this mean you have to continue past the trial period and purchase the required number of books?

B. If YES for A, do these offers change from "Pending" to "In Progress"
after the required number of books are purchased (which looks to take months to do).

[b272655b011]AOL Spyware[/b272655b011]

What the heck is this? Just spyware detection software that you install or are you signing up for AOL service which happens to have spyware software built into their interface?

Yes, these are most likely stupid questions but I'm trying to determine which offers I should try out. I want to try the Scholastic books for the kids but want to make sure I get credited for signing up if I don't like the service. I also have an aversion to AOL but if it's just spyware software, I can live with signing up for it. I already have broadband and don't want to sign up for AOL service.

Any help is much appreciated.


25-01-2006 12:19:13

This could be considered walking through and possibly frauding. You should do offers that interest you.