Which 3rd page offers from Nui tech?

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23-01-2006 23:37:29

Hi all,

I'm considering a few items from Nui Tech that require 4+ 3rd page offers. I know Earthlink Dial-up/High-speed and Online Business Systems are good. What other choices below would you recommend? I'm especially curious about how fast the credit cards go green.


3rd page Nui Tech Offers

Discover Platinum Card
Discover Gas Card
South Beach Diet
Citi Driver's Select Card
Citi Home Rebate Card
Citi Dividend Platinum Card
Citi Platnium Mastercard

(Not considering DirectTv/Premium wines since too pricey, or Longevity/Orexis as too slow/unreliable to credit)


23-01-2006 23:50:39

Eh, I don't think this is allowed. I would think this is considered a walkthrough, sorry (