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23-01-2006 14:16:06

Anyone ever heard of or done this site? Looks pretty nice, but I don't know anything about them.


23-01-2006 15:19:57

Link, perhaps?


23-01-2006 16:19:19

Looks good, 6 offers...

http//[" alt=""/img925751bc8d]
[img="925751bc8d]http//[" alt=""/img925751bc8d]

all good until you hit this last page...

I wonder if there are more of these sites out there with different gifts...

i just went to the homepage...
last page, need 2


DISH Network Satellite TV! - Connect up to 4 rooms FREE, No Equipment to buy, FREE HDTV and DVR Equipment Options, FREE Installation, FREE DISH Home Protection Plan. Get it installed as soon as tomorrow!

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VMC Satellite

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23-01-2006 17:29:57

link - http// - sorry about that. They do have more sites, found this one http//

Sony DVD Handycam

seems like they really need to work on that page three...


27-01-2006 16:55:13


This is for a Dell 26" TV. Page 3 isn't any better...


27-01-2006 18:49:45

[quote82a5d6b533="tjwor"]Looks good, 6 offers...

http//[" alt=""/img82a5d6b533]
[img="82a5d6b533]http//[" alt=""/img82a5d6b533]


hahahaha they spelled "absolutely" wrong.