IRC not crediting last offers?

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23-01-2006 06:21:08


Anyone have IRC not credit the last offer for the pages?
For example, I currently have 2/3 on page 1, 2/3 on page 2 and 8/9 on page 3.

I know for a fact I did more than 10 on page 3 and page 1 and 2 should be completed as well.

Just wondering if this is normal?
Anyone have similar things happen?


23-01-2006 09:49:00

just file manual credit after 30 days...


23-01-2006 12:38:34

yeah, btu the best part of these sites is the speed.. waiting 30 days kinda sucks..

what offers aren't crediting? Remember credit cards must be approved, received, and a purchase must be made on them before they are considered complete. Which is why I hate them....


23-01-2006 14:23:10

ugh i know what you mean. my last offer for the robosapien, petchews, did not credit. My last offer for ibook, aol, did not credit. So i did another offer, freebidding, and that did not credit either!


23-01-2006 14:41:22

They haven't credited my last offer on page 2 for the iBook, but both for page 1 have credited and I have yet to do any on page 3.

I e-mailed them about it and they just replied saying "Go here to check the status of your gift".

Wtf is that all about?


23-01-2006 14:52:51

not only are they upping the amount of offers but they are not crediting them all. All of mine on page 1 & 2 are complete and I have 6 of 9 complete on page 3. One is a credit card I just received in the mail today (time to make a ourchase) but the other two are both Urban nutrition ones. They credit me my petchews but not the other two. From what it seems they just credit when they feel like it. Does anyone know if IRC is agood as YFdirect when it comes to manual credit? If I can prove I did it will I get credit. I am only those two away and it has been 2 weeks already. thanks


23-01-2006 15:07:09

Urban nutrition has HORRIBLE crediting, dont blame nuitech for that


23-01-2006 15:11:34

well what about aol and freebidding. Do they have horrible crediting too?


23-01-2006 15:18:58

[quote11cae659b9="shortys408"]well what about aol and freebidding. Do they have horrible crediting too?[/quote11cae659b9]They were fast for me, did you use ie/clear cookies/accept cookies?


24-01-2006 11:45:02

yes i did all of that. I think they are skipping last credits. Specifically in tier 2.


24-01-2006 17:43:44

[quotef198d6a4cc="shortys408"]well what about aol and freebidding. Do they have horrible crediting too?[/quotef198d6a4cc]

freebidding has been very good to me


28-01-2006 16:06:03

Urban Nutrition does suck at crediting, it is almost like they just do it when they want or everyother one. I have credit for petchews but not longevity. I know on a Trainn site they stopped offering longevity b/e Urban was not crediting. All I care about is if IRC will give me manual credit. I am hoping so because my 30 days is up in a week.