so i have these items i'm looking for...

Live forum:


23-01-2006 00:42:11

would DIY be the best for these?

things like

marshall stack guitar amps
gibson guitars
fender guitars
acoustic guitars
bass guitars

or am i asking for too much in the freebie world ;p


23-01-2006 01:21:09

Yes, DIY would be great for these. Just not the way that you think.

You can do sites for gift cards or checks and buy whatever you like.

read the "NUI masterlist" thread for many 500 dollar gift cards that come pretty quickly, or do some of the 1K gift cards from MetaRewards like and or My new favorite which offers a 2000 visa card for 9 offers (6 harder ones)

Party on.


23-01-2006 23:21:52

so there isn't any site in particular that ships the actual physical item that i'm looking for huh