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22-01-2006 19:45:12

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First is a Toshiba Satellite, Second is a Compaq Presario, Third is a Gateway Notebook...

Any help from someone who actually knows something about computers, i will just go for the Gateway if no one tells me to go for something different... because it is highest value... but anyone know if the Compaq is a wide screen? It looks a lot more narrow, anyone who knows anything about these please let me know!

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22-01-2006 20:45:13

I wouldn't believe any of the product values on the Nuitech sites. I did the IRC HP Pavilion desktop site and according to the site, it had a retail value of $899. What came was a $399 desktop and some unbranded CRT monitor (even though the pic showed a flat panel), probably a value of $50-100.


22-01-2006 20:47:20

ok, then canceling out the prices, just by the brand and what they tell you, what would you pick? I know next to nothing about PC's, I have worked on Macs my entire life, so I don't know how a 2GHz PC compares to any type of mac... What would you chose of the laptops above?


22-01-2006 22:11:29

doh, no specs. Though i'd choose between #1 and #3