Thinking about doing bigwin's bose system.. your thoughts..

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Eric P

21-01-2006 22:03:58

Is bose any good? They look slick and have a popular name, but how do they sound? I've never had any experience with them so I dont know if I should start doing 10 offers on bigwin to get them.

I have a 500 watt yamaha receiver, but i'm just too curious about bose.


21-01-2006 22:17:28

bose is overpriced crap. For the money that it costs you can get MUCH better sound from a good receiver, good speakers and subwoofer.


21-01-2006 23:05:40


Eric P

21-01-2006 23:25:42

because not only yfdirect does the bose system. almost all the sites have a bose system. I'm just doing bigwin's in particular.


22-01-2006 08:41:32

bose blose buddy, read up at http// not the only site but it is a very detailed site. just go for a $1000 gift card and you could already get better speakers than a $2500 bose system. In my opinion a bose system may be a good offer at $300-$400 level. And thats mostly because your friends will think your cool and not basing it off of any type of music or home theatre reproduction.

p.s. personally i'm a fan of svs, online retailer that skips the middle man and offers great products at good prices. you can buy a 5.1 setup from them for $999. you can read reviews on them around the net, not as popular as sony or whatever but then again the mainstream electronic producers don't really produce outstanding audio products. there are definately other options just read around on the web.


22-01-2006 08:57:57

I actually listened to the Lifestyle 28, which you can listen to at Circuit City, and it has great sound I think.


22-01-2006 09:12:46

[quote9a71e82947="Gigante"]I actually listened to the Lifestyle 28, which you can listen to at Circuit City, and it has great sound I think.[/quote9a71e82947]

That of course is user opinion, which everyone has different taste and some actually do enjoy the sound of a bose. I can't say anyone is stupid or whatever because they like the sound. However all I can state are the numbers and they are not good at all for the system. From a consumer perspective I just think its a good thing to know that the quality of bose products are not good and a way over priced. I just suggest trying different options and if you still enjoy the bose then I say go for it. Who am I to tell you what you should and shouldn't like?


22-01-2006 11:00:29

I am in no way an audiophile, and wouldn't claim to be, but I definitely wouldn't complain on getting that system for $100 or less. If you can't decide, go to a couple stores and check out what they have and decide for yourself.


22-01-2006 20:55:15

i'll be getting mine in 40 days so pm me then