When do you think ill go green on freegamessource

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Mr. ChEkO StIcK

21-01-2006 17:29:10

Hey i did all 3 of my offers today for freegamessource. I did the AOL offer on the first one and the AOL musicnet offer on the second one and the earthlink offer on the 3rd one. When do you think ill go green on all my offers on there site? I am just wondering


21-01-2006 17:48:42

Never heard of it.

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

21-01-2006 17:53:36


Mr. ChEkO StIcK

22-01-2006 09:29:04

well 2 of my offers already went green in 1 day.. The earthlink and the AOL musicnet.. Know i am waiting on my AOL dial up to go threw


22-01-2006 09:37:49

wanna inform us wtf you're talking about?

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

22-01-2006 09:44:36

Talking about freegamessource and my offers i did...


22-01-2006 09:48:16

yes, but inform us since no one seems to know, what it is, and what it's about... you're hosting a thread that no one seems to know anything about...


lieditli after checking that out, looks like a NuiTech site. What did you go for? got a link?

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

22-01-2006 10:15:50

Oh ok sorry about that man.. Here the link to the site i started http//www.freegamessource.com/rd_p?skipRedirect=1&p=113030

And Freegamessource.com is were you can do the offers and check your status.


22-01-2006 10:36:16

Ah OK, so you went for the XBOX. I think you can find lots of discussions on crediting times and such in other NuiTech threads. So for that reason, and the fact that the offers you did seem to point to fraud lol, I'm going to have to lock this.