Anbody know the specs of the IBM laptop from IRC?

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20-01-2006 22:12:06

I just got this for my wife and didn't see any specs for it. Anybody else get one? If so what are the specs?


20-01-2006 22:14:10

Its an Acer 3003LCI... 40 GB HDD. 256 ram, integrated wireless, 15.4" xga screen, dvd /cdrw combo...


20-01-2006 22:41:50

I thought it was supposed to be an IBM?


20-01-2006 22:45:37

Heres the link http//[]http//


20-01-2006 22:53:16

what kind of processor does it have?


20-01-2006 23:58:34

[quote03537d1a64="Shaggy135"]what kind of processor does it have?[/quote03537d1a64]

AMD Mobile Sempron 3000+


21-01-2006 00:07:36

cool thanks,


21-01-2006 08:17:03

IBM doesnt necessarily mean IBM.. Many people use it to mean IBM-compatible. I assure you it's an Acer. It's sitting right here


21-01-2006 14:26:04

ok, cool, thanks for the clarification.


21-01-2006 16:46:32

Hey Airkat, how is that Acer? I mean how would you rank it on a scale of 1-10? I would definitely add some ram though.


22-01-2006 00:06:42

add some ram and its a beautiful machine. Even the casing is lovely


22-01-2006 02:16:57

cool, thanks


02-02-2006 15:21:46

is the ram install pretty straight forward? theres just a cover to remove on the bottom and then just plug it in right? Only reason I ask is because I haven't even looked at it yet.


02-02-2006 18:10:31

Neither have I


03-02-2006 06:17:18

Just to let you know, that was exactly it. Unscrewed 2 screws and popped the cover off that was in the middle of the bottom. I've never put ram in a laptop before, it looked a bit different than a pc. But its very straight forward, goes right on top of the other stick unless you want to take it out. I left it in, theres 704MB of ram now. My wife says its running a whole lot better now.


03-02-2006 06:29:33

I'd imagine so! I think windows XP is recommended to run with a minimum fo 512