Entertainment Book offer

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18-01-2006 13:07:30

Can we purchase the book and get credit for completing the offer for each gift we are trying to get since we are making a purchase and not becoming a member of anything? For example, if I bought the book and got credit for it trying for the MSG plasma TV, would I get credit if I by the book again but this time with EFG for some other gift?

I don't think this is frauding anybody since we are buying multiple copies of the book and there's no membership to cancel and I don't think you can return the books. If this is not the case, just delete the thread.


18-01-2006 13:12:08

yes you can buy as many as you want for multiple sites


18-01-2006 19:56:13

I've never had a problem with it. The sites both get the same profits no matter how many times you do it.