Can other people do your DIY site for you too?

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13-01-2006 22:29:05

I'm doing the $500 MC from nuitech, and do I have to do everything, or can other ppl do the offers? I ask b/c there's an offer that I did already that I might wanna just trade for. Can you do this?


13-01-2006 22:41:42

I don't think so.


14-01-2006 04:22:30

ditto, under their terms, I think that would be fraud.


14-01-2006 11:19:32

I am not sure if they log the IPs, so it could possibly work. I haven't read their terms.


14-01-2006 11:25:47

Well if this is an unknown gray area, then I'll leave it that way I guess..I was just seeing if it was common practice at all...apparently it's not!


14-01-2006 13:23:53

Could always try it on a low offer item that wouldn't matter. Say OfferGift for example.