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12-01-2006 19:44:09

Anyone had any trouble getting credit for this?

I did this for IRC (iBook) a couple of days ago and there's a little disclaimer at the bottom that says

[quote107da7e20a]The free trial is for first time customers only. To receive your FREE gift you must accept at least one autoship installment. [/quote107da7e20a]

Thing is, I have credit for all the other offers I did besides this one.

Scare tactic?


12-01-2006 19:46:54

I think so.. i never had to...


12-01-2006 21:43:29

Either did I...


12-01-2006 21:45:04

How long did it take for credit?


13-01-2006 00:05:28

i got credit right away from a NUI site but when i decided i didnt want it they made it literally impossible to cancel, just got $89.90 charge, those fuckers