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09-01-2006 14:38:50

http//[]http// is a DIY site --- 3 offers


09-01-2006 14:45:15

I was wondering when someone would mention giftfiesta.
It would be good if someone was able to find out exactly which giftfiesta sites are DIY. They took a month to ship my psp memory stick duo so i wont touch them but others might now mind the wait...


09-01-2006 15:35:06

I cleaned up that topic a bit..


09-01-2006 15:36:02

Shouldn't this go to the GiftFiesta forum?

I know it is DIY, but it is a GiftFiesta site and we have a forum for that.


09-01-2006 16:13:39

Right, but u know that whole thing about some roxes are soxes and all sozes are boxes but not all roxes are boxes?

No? Well basically, it's a gift fiesta site, but it's also a DIY site, so it can go in either forum (giftfiest and DIY)


09-01-2006 16:50:23

Are they 3 good offers?


09-01-2006 17:36:07

From every other GiftFiesta site I've done, they do have some bingo sites, but you don't have to do those.