Next to do?

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07-01-2006 09:56:03

I've finished all the offers on RewardsVenue for the 42" Plasma (9 completed, 7 credited thus far), EveryFreeGift (4 Pending, 2 In Progress thus far), and YourGiftCards (1 Pending) - what next? I'm thinking about either MarketSurveyGroup or BigWin...I'm thinking I'll try BigWin for the StreetFighter arcade game (keep in mind...the more people that order it, the more likely we are to get a check for it) ) . Thoughts?


07-01-2006 10:00:37

I myself am looking for some new sites to do. Wish there was a new network to try out. Big and MarketSurveyGroup are both great options. I have done both, and just have GadgetCity/InternetOpinionGroup left of the YFDirect sites.


07-01-2006 10:40:31

I just finished up MSG (all pending but I did offers), rewardsvenue, I did Omaha steaks and dont see any inkling of a record of me doing it lol. Bigwin almost done, and internetopiniongroup is done (gonna have to manual credit 2 - shit)


07-01-2006 18:54:00

Yea i might do a bigwin one or the other plasma site (not efg)