Going back to page 1..

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06-01-2006 18:13:51

Yea so I bookmarked it at Page 2 on accident..

and the 'Previous Page' just goes back in history, and stuff...

So. I am doing the internet opinion PSP site, and need the first page URL somehow.

No clue how to get it, some help?


06-01-2006 18:54:14

I'm not sure if IOG is the same as EFG, but I'm pretty sure it'll be the same.

Page 2 offers begins like this http//www.everyfreegift.com/landings/efg_dyo2.jsp?...

For page 1, just remove the 2 after the _dyo. So for page 1, it should look like


07-01-2006 00:03:57

all yfdirect sites will be like that