which site to get plasma tv the fastest?

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05-01-2006 16:14:02

Just wondering if I were to do a site to get a plasma, which one would I get it from the fastest? I mean are there any that give out the gift like IRC gave out iBooks when they were still 6 offers? I got that thing in less than 3 weeks start to finish.


05-01-2006 16:28:54

one of the sister sites of IRC offers a 42 inch plasma TV for 18 offers...


05-01-2006 16:56:13

[quote7a2fd168d0="JUNIOR6886"]one of the sister sites of IRC offers a 42 inch plasma TV for 18 offers...[/quote7a2fd168d0]

Sounds fun. I love offers. lol


05-01-2006 16:59:22

Yeah insane lol


05-01-2006 18:48:04

damn, 18? none of the 6 offer ones are quick?


05-01-2006 19:50:28

the 6 offer plasma ones are all yfdirect sites that will take months


10-01-2006 06:01:28

does it take months to complete the offers or does it take months to get them to ship you the tv after you've completed the offers?

i'm considering doing that plasma for 8 offers from YFD


10-01-2006 06:11:43

it takes months for them to ship you the TV (or 2500 check) once you finish the offers. It usually takes less than a week to get credit for their offers.

On the phone a few days ago they said im on their shipping list and i should expect to get my gift (TV or $2500) on FEBRUARY 15th (


10-01-2006 06:20:37

when did you complete your offers? Feb 15th isn't too far from now....


10-01-2006 06:54:19

These sites take 4-6 months on average.
The stuff is "free" what can one say?


12-01-2006 06:42:24

how much did you end up paying for all the offers combined?


12-01-2006 06:45:00

I did the plasma about 5 weeks ago, my offers should go approved soon.


12-01-2006 11:29:07

good luck i havent worked on any DIY sites there too many so its hard to decide which to do


12-01-2006 12:23:34

lol.. I find that post funny.

There's too many! So I'm not gonna do ANY!