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31-12-2005 01:46:01

I was thinking that why not have a daily link thread where you post links to Awesome DIY sites which offer a great prize to offer ratio. Example. Plasma 6 refs or the most recent $50 1 ref. Also post links that can be done regardless of what previous sites have been.

Example. Post a link then post no more everyfreegiftlinks cause doing so would screw people up


31-12-2005 02:06:50

i am liking that idea alot. i did the $50/1 offer today cuz of all the posts )


31-12-2005 13:46:02

whats the $50/1 DIY site?

im interested!


31-12-2005 13:52:12



31-12-2005 13:54:51

[quoteb569723378="EatChex89"]whats the $50/1 DIY site?

im interested![/quoteb569723378]Theres actually a $100/1 site from YFDIrect, the 50/1 is nuitech though so youll get it faster


31-12-2005 13:56:43

heh i dunt think id wanna wait 6 months just to get the $100. ill wait that long for the plasma tho cuz bam its a plasma!! my roommate dusnt think itll come, hell be in for a surprise. he also didnt think my 3 ipods and psp would come either heh


31-12-2005 14:30:48

I did them both. D


31-12-2005 14:43:55

I did the 1 offer for the $75, $100, and $50 http//[" alt=""/img31f129a1b9]