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30-12-2005 13:49:44

How am I suppsoed to check my status on this site?

Also, on the internet opinion (not sure what company..)

They won't send me the email to create/remember my password.. I'm not sure whats going on.


30-12-2005 13:50:18

What are you doing on Bigwin?


30-12-2005 13:51:25

[quote6f25707ce9="J4320"]What are you doing on Bigwin?[/quote6f25707ce9]

me and my friend are doing that powerbook

but i need to be able to check status, and so does he

there's no link like on the IRC sites

also. i answered my own question about the e-mail confirmation for YFDirect

oh wait... IOPG and Bigwin are the same?

I still can't check status on their powerbook ...


30-12-2005 13:55:11

What do you mean? The login is on the front page.


30-12-2005 13:58:11

[quoteecc1aabdef="Gigante"]What do you mean? The login is on the front page.[/quoteecc1aabdef]

woah thanks. i iddn't know they had a front page. haha