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30-12-2005 10:34:50

I don't think I can tell you what you can use this for but if you have any brain you should figure it out on your own.

It is an auto reminder service, so if you have something important comming up it will send you an email when you want it to reminding you about it...

Hope it helps some people )


30-12-2005 10:39:27

I use reminderfox (firefox extension)


30-12-2005 13:49:30

i use my phone's calender/reminder thingy


30-12-2005 13:51:01

I use sticky pads.


30-12-2005 15:22:31

I use It's the best of all the alternatives above, thus far.


30-12-2005 15:31:29

[quoted6810e3920="J4320"]I use sticky pads.[/quoted6810e3920]
I have like 20 post its hanging around to remind me D


30-12-2005 16:07:58

I do half of my liahemli'ing when i'm walking to/from or in between classes so it helps when all the phone numbers and info is stored in my phone's calender to remind me


30-12-2005 16:18:15

i email myself.


30-12-2005 16:51:57

[quoteba41b8ba6a="ilanbg"]I use It's the best of all the alternatives above, thus far.[/quoteba41b8ba6a]

create an e-mail to send to the future

oh dear, it seems we have a problem
You must send your email at least 30 days into the future...5 won't cut it. We're not a reminder service. We want profundity.[/quoteba41b8ba6a]

I used until they made you future 30 days in advance, kinda worthless now...


06-01-2006 21:10:34

I use an excel spreadsheet and check it often...


06-01-2006 22:04:07

I use the calendar on Outlook...


06-01-2006 22:18:57

Excel works great for me to, always have my document open so i can edit in all the new info and numbers and stuff


06-01-2006 23:04:16

I have no idea what you guys are talking about.


07-01-2006 00:12:20

[quote37ea69d826="theysayjump"]I have no idea what you guys are talking about.[/quote37ea69d826]

taking our pills

i always forget