The Other Rules Nobody Told You About

Live forum:


30-12-2005 09:18:09

1. If you have a question/information concerning a site, please post it in the official thread desginated for that website and do not make your own. With so many sites and so many threads, if everynody makes their own, this could get complicated quickly.

2. If you are going to ask a question, read the FAQ and the ENTIRE THREAD about the website you are asking.

3. Do not post "easy" offers that everybody should do because they are "easy to cancel". This is not acceptable and is against the website's TOS.


30-12-2005 09:22:05

Thanks gigante


31-12-2005 00:53:34

Yea. SERIOUSLY! Lets do this stuff the way its suppose to be done and everyone will be happy.


18-01-2006 11:39:39

Thank you Sir +1 karma for you )