YFDirect Email Conformation Help

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29-12-2005 22:52:28

I don't know if they work for all of them, but the ones I have tried have worked. So far I used this on bigwin.com and internetopiniongroup.com. We all know that trying to get a confirmation email can be difficult with these sites, so try this in the address area of your browser

www.bigwin.com/confirmation.jsp?email=[]www.bigwin.com/confirmation.jsp?email= type your email here

For instance if you have an EFG site account you type

www.everyfreegift.com/confirmation.jsp?email= []www.everyfreegift.com/confirmation.jsp?email= joeblow@msn.com

This will take you to a screen where you can set your password and if you get a password you can check your account

Good Luck,



30-12-2005 00:06:31

lol, fix all that messy phpBB.

Anyways, that's good info. It should get added to the FAQ.


30-12-2005 00:07:51

I don't understand. How is this different then what is alrwady posted? I think I'm lost.


30-12-2005 06:27:13

Yeah, uit's been posted over and voer and theres even a tool on it. Why should it be added to an FAQ that no one seems to read?