Experimental = ConsumerPromotionCenter/Zone

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29-12-2005 18:05:27

There is a network that we don't know much about, don't even know what to call them, heh. Here are two of their links. They are not proven legit. They are strictly experimental.

42" Plasma (11)

Laptop (6)

It is interesting that their laptop is only 6 offers while their plasma is 11.

If anybody knows any information about this company, post it here.

Don't know which network they are attached to.
Their address is
Consumer Promotion Zone
22647 Ventura Blvd Suite 258
Woodland Hills, CA 91364


29-12-2005 18:37:51

Did you sign up? How are the offers?


29-12-2005 19:00:35

Well even thought I want to sign up for the laptop it won't let me do anything but the Plasma. 3 Page 3 offers and there are only 4 to chose from. RoadLoans, E-LOAN Auto/Motorcycle, 4 Seasons Wine Club, "Winning In The Cash Flow Business" System. This looks like a loser (