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29-12-2005 14:55:42

I am not sure on the network of this site, but they require 9 offers for all of their gifts, so if you are going to try it, pick a high valued item. Their Plasma looks nice. They require 6 OOD offers pretty much, here are the offers to choose from on that last page

AOL© TotalTalk™
Action Alerts Plus
Earthlink Dial Up
Million Dollar Real Estate Deals
Tax Liens Direct
Real Estate Fortunes
Winning in the Cash Flow
Discover® Platinum Gas Card
The Tassimo Brewer
Discover® Platinum American Flag Card

Not much of a selection.


08-03-2006 10:23:31

has anyone actually gotten anything from them? it looks like you just do 3 offers on each page, right? thanks


31-05-2006 16:55:32

I only have to do 8 offers, I don't know if this is legit. I've only done 1 offer.


31-05-2006 16:57:33

lol, make sure you can do the OOD before you waste your time doing the cheap ones...

UniPrize Media

31-05-2006 17:05:58

Almost impossible to do this site. They kind of look like