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28-12-2005 13:07:30

Hi I plan on going for that sony plasma tv. Its cool cause I found out how i can spend no less than 10$ to get it through all the offers. Anyways i am 17 and i want to know after im approved what voucher do i have to send in? Is it like those giftcard offers one where i just print it out and fill out my address and send it back? Its a prize well over 600$ so do i need a w-9? Also if i put lie about my age and put born in 1986 (im really 1988) can i get away with getting my prize? I dont want to go through all that trouble just to get screwed over on it because of my age.

I also am exempt from paying taxes on it since i do work but make under 7k a yr so thats good. I wanted to know if i could still fill out a w-9 if i need to for this site since im 17 and actually get my prize without my parents having to fill out anything because they are not entitled to a tax exempt.


28-12-2005 13:11:53

I do believe these questions are best asked/answered in the EFG thread...


28-12-2005 13:13:12

The EFG thread is exactly below this one and was the top thread when you posted this.


In an effort to keep the forum clean, post your questions in the right thread.