About to get involved...Must i worry about IP #'s?

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28-12-2005 01:52:20

Hello. I'm currently home for the holidays and have lately been looking into the world of DIY sites. With freepay the I.P. # situation has been a constant worry of mine since many of my refferals have signed up through banners i've used on many campus sites.... Im just curious If i were to sign up for a DIY site in the next few days here at home. Then go back on the campus network and work at the offers throughout the month will there be any problem. I don't see a problem with I.P.'s because its not like your are referring anyone where "unique" users would come into play...But with the lengthy period of time to recieve a gift with these sites i thought i'd ask just in case...Thank you much!!


28-12-2005 03:16:31

I've done offers for DIY sites at both my dorm (resnet) and home (roadrunner residential). as long as you're not sharing (and maybe even if you are) you should be fine.