T-Mobile insurance question.

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22-01-2010 17:08:15

I don't know what I should do...yesterday I dropped my Blackberry which I do have insurance for it. The phone itself is fine, the only thing that is damaged is the keyboard. The "B" key is cracked, and light is shining through it, the V key is all scratched up, and the G key has a tiny pinhole with light shining through other...other than that the phone is perfect and the keys function fine as well.

Apparently I have to shell over $130 to T-Mobile for replacement?! That's ridiculous! I know people who have Verizon and other carriers that have insurance and don't even have to pay the $50 to get their phone replaced. I can spend less than $20 myself and get an OEM keyboard and the proper screwdriver to replace it myself...but it will void the warranty and if something were to happen to my phone it would be rendered useless.

One other method I guess would to call them up and say my trackball is not working...and they'll send me a new one, but I'm afraid if they see the damage on the keyboard I will be forced to pay for the replacement. < Do you think I should do this?

Are there any repair centers or such places that could replace my keyboard? I wouldn't mind paying $30, I just don't want to lose my warranty.


22-01-2010 21:03:13

Phone insurance is ridiculous. My fiancee's touchscreen got f'd up (she didn't drop it, just randomly the inside of the screen was cracked), the actually plastic had absolutely no damage. And she had to pay $50 to get it replaced (US Cellular). I didn't get insurance on mine, and when I did the guy who was helping me made a comment like, "getting a $400 phone and no insurance? Alright..." I don't believe in the insurance. I've had a phone for like 6 years, and the only problem I've had was with my RZR which crapped out like 2 days before I was eligible to renew my contract. In the long run the $5 or $10 a month you save adds up fast. I'm a cheap ass though, so a penny saved by not getting the insurance, a penny earned. Plus, I always find a way to get my phone wet, and I think that voids the warranty, doesn't it?


23-01-2010 00:10:46

Insurance will replace the phone due to any damage or lost, at least on Verizon it will. $60/year is worth it even if your phone only breaks once in the 2 years you have it, the $50 deductible and 2 years of insurance are less than half the price of a new phone.