PointsArcade Beta Invites

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18-01-2010 14:27:07

PointArcade is a website where you play games and earn points. You earn point by playing games, rating games, and commenting games.

100 Points = $1, I got around 200 point in a day easily, could have gotten a lot more.

The points then can be cashed out for prizes.

The site is currently in Beta and you need an invite to join.

For an invite go here - http//www.pointsarcade.com/index.php?task=register&ref=24


18-01-2010 15:57:02

Looks kinda amateurish.


18-01-2010 19:05:05

Yeah well its a new site, literally just opened 2 days ago. Should get bigger and better soon )


18-01-2010 21:08:26

No ref links please.


19-01-2010 03:45:00

Reminds me of my days of $25 holdings in Moola, haha good times


19-01-2010 18:23:44

[quote99f661390a="hehehhehe"]No ref links please.[/quote99f661390a]

It's not a ref link... its an "invite". The site is private and you NEED an invite to join. Otherwise you can't get in.

Yes it works like referral but you also need it to register on the site...

[quote99f661390a="ilikegreens"]Reminds me of my days of $25 holdings in Moola, haha good times[/quote99f661390a]

Yeah it is kind of like Moola lol, except you don't bet your points, just earn them.