Jailbreaking iPod Touch 3G

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12-12-2009 16:30:11

Hey all,

I just got an iPod Touch 3G (32 GB) OS 3.1.2

Apparently you can use this to jailbreak it http//www.blackra1n.com

I'm really nervous about it doing it, so I have a couple of questions.

1. What happens if there is an update released by Apple?
2. I've heard that if your iPod powers off, it reboots into recovery mode and you have to restore your iPod?
3. Can the jailbreak be undone? Does it void the warranty? (I've read it can be done but I just want to make sure, and I've also read it doesn't void the warranty if it's back to factory settings.)
4. [spoilerc291cdd52e]What Is Cydia? [/spoilerc291cdd52e] - Answered.



12-12-2009 18:30:11

you could probably google all those questions



12-12-2009 19:01:16

I wanted to ask someone from personal experience because I was seeing mixed feelings about what happened to people's iPods.


12-12-2009 21:20:11

i have kept my 3g at 3.0.1 but a buddy has a 3.1.2 (recent refurb) and i used blackra1n on it. worked fine. no problems, easiest jailbreak i've ever done. but i don't know if he's actually turned it off since then or not. it may be the kind of thing where if you do turn it off you have to plug it back in and run the software again to make it boot.


12-12-2009 22:49:49

I have my 3G using 3.1.2 and used QuickPwn to Jailbreak mine and it works fine. No problems with powering off and having to rerun/install the software to get it working again.

A friend at work used BlackRa1n to jailbreak his and he said it was really easy too, only took a few minutes whereas QuickPwn has often taken me 30 minutes sometimes to complete.


14-12-2009 09:38:04

Is it possible to restore the iPod back to factory settings without the jailbreak applied, thus making function as it should again?


14-12-2009 11:42:04



14-12-2009 17:00:09

Function as it should?