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29-11-2009 17:12:26

A couple buddies and I are looking to go to Vegas in March. Does anybody know a way to get a discount on flight tickets anywhere? We were expecting to pay $200-$250 round trip, but it's looking closer to $350. We live in Dubuque, Iowa - there are a bunch of airports we could fly out of that are within a few hours of where we live (Milwaukee, Chicago, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines...). We'd much rather drive 3 hours to catch a flight than drive 26 hours all the way to Vegas. Anybody have any secrets to getting a good deal?


30-11-2009 15:48:53

i've always flown Allegiant Air. If you wait around you can often find one of the days very cheap if they don't sell out, i've flown 1 way for $29.99 plus fees, but it is hit or miss, if you are going around spring break it will be expensive, it would be better to go early march, or wait and go in May or June. You just need to keep an eye out and be ready to buy them when they are cheap! Good Luck, it is a blast!


01-12-2009 08:54:44

Spend a bit of time on this site[=http//]this site. The guy sells an e-book for like $30 on how to get cheaper airfare—I haven't read it but if it's even 1% as effective as it says then it pays for itself. The blog has a bunch of free tips on cheaper airfare as well.

sandra habina

02-12-2009 10:55:49

Have you checked into package deals? Hotel and flight - those can be pretty good at times. You just go to hotdeals or cheapdeals and scout thru all the casino's and many include flight. Or I also went to individual airlines and typed in dates and many deals come up. Just have to research a bit.

I hope you have a great time. Vegas is amazing.


02-12-2009 16:01:15

Thanks for the help. We were looking to go this weekend for NCAA basketball tourney time and pretty much staying at the casino/sportsbook all weekend. I have looked into package deals, but last week my buddys dad (who is going with his wife) received a free 3 nights at a new place on the strip, and he already booked his hotel for that weekend at a different place, so he said he'd give the paid room to us and they'd take the free one. So switching the weekend won't really work as we already have the hotel booked. I didn't look at individual sites, which maybe I should, I did look at about every airport within 4 hours of our town though. We may try priceline and see how low we can name our price.


02-12-2009 22:33:23 has price graphs that suggest the best time to buy tickets for a given route & date


02-12-2009 23:10:47

^ ah farecast. a great service, bought by MS, and improved.


03-12-2009 08:33:03

Pay $0.01 per frequent flyer mile[=http//]Pay $0.01 per frequent flyer mile. I figure this is the kind of thing freebie fanatics might be interested in. I wish I planned to travel enough in the next couple years to try this kind of thing out.

If anyone does this, make sure to post their experiences. I almost want to give it its own topic since it's essentially a DIY site (complete 5 offers, get frequent flyer miles).