So I had a laptop.....

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05-11-2009 16:45:25


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So the story is basically, it was on the carpet charging. My woman I am in talks with walks by it and notices some sparkage. She runs to get me, I get in the room and the thing is on fire. The room is full of smoke. I take a cup and fill it with sink water and douse it out. Called HP, had to go through this lengthy process over the phone. Supervisor was a dick and acted like he did not believe me...finally got them to put in a ticket to whatever department handles fires. Oh, and the supervisor asked me if A) I called the fire department and B) If I could turn it on....ANYHOW, I have to send said pictures to HP and fill out all this paperwork. They are sending me a label to ship the box to them and they will let me know what they can do for me.


05-11-2009 19:33:08

i worry about my HP going up in flames all the time....I will never get another HP again. Glad you guys were there to see that happen


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crap. i have an HP.


05-11-2009 22:37:17

[quote971f41abd3="TFOAF"]HOLY FRRUCK.[/quote971f41abd3]


06-11-2009 15:53:15

probably because of carpet insulation and crappy HPs as usual


06-11-2009 19:16:39

[quote783c880e37="theysayjump"][quote783c880e37="TFOAF"]HOLY FRRUCK.[/quote783c880e37][/quote783c880e37]
LOL! I don't remember typing I do after seeing those photos. I was drunk. P


07-11-2009 08:34:45

so, will HP cover anything more than the Laptop?


07-11-2009 12:00:19

If they don't cover it (Hp), would it be sensible to claim it on your insurance policy (home or apartment) depending on the deductible? I mean especially if your carpet is ruined.

I know that I claimed my laptop on my renters insurance when my drunk ass roommate pissed on my brand new Vaio about 2 years ago (i didn't purchase the accidental coverage through best buy). I got more reimbursed from the insurance agency because it was so new.