ipod earphone sound issue

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28-10-2009 20:21:10


i figured i'd post my problem with my video ipod 30gb here since it'll probably get answered here quickly.

So basically my sound has crapped out of one side of my earphone (on the right), and only the left works now. It's weird because when i wiggled it this morning it sort of worked if i didn't move it too much but now as much as i wiggle it won't work. i tested my earphones on my laptop and it works, and i used my friend's earphone on my ipod and it doesn't work.

i have no problem opening my ipod and maybe tampering with it to fix the problem but does anyone have any idea what i can do? i really don't want to have to buy a replacement part or send it in to some third party apple repair center



28-10-2009 23:10:00

Actually, buying the repair part IS your best bet, and I bet it's an easy fix. Actually, a friend of mine had an iPod with a messed up jack and I think I remember you being able to get that part for something like $20 on eBay... maybe even less. If you didn't wanna buy another iPod, I would definitely repair it yourself.

EDIT Jesus Christ! You can get that part shipped for 3 fuckin dollars! It looks very simple to install.


30-10-2009 02:44:20

thanks. i'll just try to fix it myself again after i buy that part.

i've already cracked my ipod open to replace the battery. i hope my ipod can make it for the 64gb iphone ;)