Monopoly City Streets

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02-10-2009 09:06:01

Anyone else playing this?

It's an "online version" of Monopoly where they use Google Maps so you can buy almost any street in the world. It's pretty addictive and I've been playing it since it launched about three weeks ago. I've amassed quite a nice little fortune and currently sit 2nd on my local leaderboard.

If you play, what's your score and username?



02-10-2009 12:34:13

never heard of it but it sounds cool ill be giving it a shot


02-10-2009 16:30:26

get a real job!


02-10-2009 17:49:02

interesting game I kinda like it still havent figured it all out yet..i like how you get paid at 12am gmt found that funny...its Stroid on the game