What would make suitable album artwork?

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16-09-2009 21:03:12

My band (Autoverse....I'm the drummer) has spent a few weekends in the studio, and we have some rough mixes of our new album pretty much done.

The title of the album is going to be "The Magic Neverhasbeen."

I was wondering if any of the more artistic types had any good ideas that I could bring to the next practice on what sort of album art could accompany this.

This includes photography too, so if anyone has an idea, I'm all ears!

Here are 3 songs that will give you an idea of what we sound like. Remember, these are rough mixes and the vocals are mostly scratch vocals.

http//www.autoversemusic.com/pgb.mp3 (Purple Grey Brigade)
http//www.autoversemusic.com/zombies.mp3 (zombies ahead)
http//www.autoversemusic.com/onb.mp3 (On beethoven)

Some of these songs have 10-15 second silence gaps in the beginning. Sorry.

(also if you have any ideas if we could add anything to these three songs, please, let me know!)



22-09-2009 19:46:58

I don't really have any ideas for album art, but you guys sound awesome...Best of luck to you and your band.


23-09-2009 18:28:37

Thanks! ) We've been together for a year and we've come a long way!


23-09-2009 20:05:21

Really impressive. Once it's mastered I would definitely like to hear the whole album.


25-09-2009 23:28:27

Thanks! I'll definitely share it with you guys.

It's been a tough year doing all this. I just started an MBA program and I'm still working on this album. Our studio engineer isn't returning our calls as to when he's gonna get some preliminary mixes out to us, or when we can go in to work on mixing with him. We got these tracks down by mid-August (as you hear them). I do a lot of writing too (on purple-grey, I play drums, keys, trumpet, spanish guitar), and we literally have another half-album ready to go that just doesn't fit with these tracks.

Being in a band is always a tough, but fun ride. Everyone deserves the experience.


06-10-2009 21:37:20


We just had a radio interview, so we had to get some emergency mixdowns and even an emergency mastering done. If you're at all interested, they're up on our myspace


Check em out!


25-10-2009 12:21:32

sounds pretty good